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Katie & Justin's Wedding at Galbreath Chapel in Athens, Ohio

Katie and Justin are one of my best clients of this year. They are such a great couple to work with. I love Athens, Ohio weddings so much because everything is so close to each other and there are so many locations around campus that are just beautiful. The weather for the wedding was perfect and we even had Rufus (the Ohio University Bobcat) join us for a few portraits. We started the day at the Ohio University Inn for the wedding dress photos along with a few getting ready shots. We then went to Emeriti Park for a few portraits with Rufus. The ceremony was held at Galbreath Chapel on the Ohio University Campus. I love that the light shined down on their hands during the ceremony. After the ceremony we went to a few locations. We covered College Green, Ellis Hall, Alden Library, and finished up on Court Street. The reception was held at the OU Inn and everyone had a blast!

Wedding Dress

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Athens Ohio Wedding Photos - Marissa and Kevin

I absolutely loved Marissa, Kevin and their entire bridal party. They were so much fun. It looked like everyone had a blast. We started at Attitudes in Nelsonville for the hair and makeup. We then went to the Ohio University Inn to get ready to go to the First United Methodist Church for some portraits before the ceremony. I captured some nice moments with Marrisa's Dad giving her away, looking through the church door and Marissa and Kevin walking down the aisle after their fist kiss. We decided to go to the CI for a few quick shots and they turned out great as you can see below. The wedding party walked along college green for a few more portraits before heading into the Baker Center Ballroom for the reception. I can not describe to you how much fun I had photographing their wedding.
Despite a little rain everyone was so happy you could feel it in the air.