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Ohio University Homcoming Parade and Game photos

I had a blast covering the Ohio University homecoming game and parade.  I also got to meet with a very nice engaged couple at Perks Coffee shop right before the parade.  I had so much fun this year I can't wait until I can do it again next year.  I got to see all of my friends and some people that I have not seen since high school. Anyway here are my photos from the weekend.  If you are in Athens you might see some of these photos in the Athens Messenger sometime this week. 


Here are just a few photos...

The Marching 110 on Court Street. 

Their music always makes me feel right at home.

Dancing on Court Street!


First touch down of the game.

Almost there....

This caused another touchdown. Nice job Chris Hall.

I love game day!

The bobcat is #1 but I have not seen him on the field. Give him a helmet he already has the padding.

Almost caught it.



Courtney and Brian's wedding slide show

I finally worked the bugs out of my video posts.  I am sorry I posted a video on here recently and it was replaced by the newest video I posted on blip.tv account.  Well I have it all fixed and now I can re-post Courtney and Brian's wedding slide show. Enjoy!!

It is nice to look back on this video just remembering another fun wedding. 

I love weddings if you can't tell. ;)


Weekend Photos

Last night I went to my friends birthday party near Zanesville.  It was a lot of fun meeting his friends. I had some great hot dogs and brownies.   I took a few shots of the bonfire and a Friday football game. You can see more photos by going to this link. http://www.briankellogg.com/football 

I also had some fun shooting the Nelsonville football game against Meigs County.  I like helping out the Athens Messenger when I can.  I also like shooting sports whenever I get a chance. Since I had some time off this past weekend I figure I shoot a game.


#26 ran in a 96 yard touchdown.  I must say that was awesome to see.

I also liked watching #3 of Meigs County dragging two Nelsonville players across the field.

I will be covering Ohio University homecoming game this weekend.  If you are in Athens and would like to see my wedding albums this weekend please call or e-mail me to set up an appointment.  I might treat you to lunch. ;)

I should be posting some nice images from that game and the parade. 


OU vs OSU games photos

Here are the game photos from the Ohio University vs. Ohio State University game.  

one of a few cool shots


OSU vs OU getting ready

I love shooting weddings but when I am not shooting a wedding I love to shoot sports.  This Saturday Ohio University and Ohio State University have a noon football game in Columbus.  I am lucky enough to obtain field access for the game from the Athens Messenger. Shooting sports will always come second to shooting weddings. Shooting sports is so much fun!  Not only the game is exciting but also taking photographs of action stopped at 1/8000th of a second, capturing that one moment in time is just awesome to me.  I hope it will be a good game. 

Here are some shots from the time I photographed the Ohio State - Michigan game on 11-18-2006. 

The  photo below was printed in two players guides including the cover of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

I will post the photos from the game on this blog Sunday afternoon.  Feel free to take the photos and post them anywhere.

Thanks for reading.

Brian Kellogg



Mt. Vernon Ohio Wedding Photographer - Courtney and Brian

I had a wonderful time with Courtney and Brian at their wedding.  I was honnered to be there and capture their day.  Courtney,  Brian and their wedding party were a lot f fun to work with.  I also appreciate all the comments from everyone seeing the slide show at the reception. Feel free to comment on any of the images below.


I loved all of the color in this bouquet, absolutely wonderful.

You know they love each other when you see the look in both of their eyes. 


Courtney and Brian got married at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Mt. Vernon Ohio.

What a great child.  He did not cry once the whole time I was taking photos.  One great family.

One sweet car to drive away in.

1974 Corvette Coupe.



Just Stylin'!




First dance as husband and wife.  

Their reception was at the Apple Valley Club House in Howard Ohio.


I really enjoyed photographing their wedding.  I just know they are going to be so happy spending the rest of their lives together.