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Holly and Sean wedding slide show video

Here is the Holly and Sean wedding slide show video.


Holly and Sean wedding

Holly and Sean were married on October 25, 2008 in Bellefontaine Ohio. They had Darlene Shoe with Mane Attractions in Bellefontaine do her hair. New Leaf Florist had some great flower creations. Maggie Sottero designed her dress. Their reception hall was held at the Hardin County Armory in Kenton, Ohio. Diane Ware designed the most wonderful cake for their wedding. Everything was perfect! I had such a great time photographing their wedding.

She was great to work with. As she was waiting for the ceremony to begin I just told her to turn slightly to the camera for this wonderful shot. I love shooting journalistically/candid but a little tweaking a little bit on the fly.

Their first dance... I love capturing the sparks between their eyes.

Diane Ware designed the most wonderful cake for their wedding.

This little girl was so CUTE! She was waiting to catch the bouquet thrown from the balcony.

Love the fashion shot outside the reception hall. I had a lot of fun at this wedding.



Andrea and Tom's wedding video slide show

Here is Andrea and Tom's wedding slideshow. Their wedding was held on October 18, 2008.  It was a great wedding held in the Jessing Center at the Pontifical College Josephinum.


Andrea and Tom's wedding

Andrea and Tom's wedding was great. I was very happy I got the opertunity to photograph their wedding. They were married on October 18, 2008 in Pickerington, Ohio. Andrea had her hair done at Just for Looks in Pickerington. The ceremony was held at the Epiphany Lutheran Church. They had their reception in the Jessing Center at the Pontifical College Josephinum. We also visited a pumpkin patch down the street from the church. I think we all have a fun time with the portraits. Everyone loved seeing the slide show of photos from that day at the reception.

Loved this dress.

Wonderful shoes.

The details.


Just relaxing. ;)


I liked the mustang. I got some great shots. It was a little risky not wearing a seatbelt getting this shot but I think it was well worth it.

I loved her veil. Wonderful length.

Pumpkin Patch!


Every now and then I like the cheesy smiles. 

What a great couple.

Going to the reception.

The guys got some air.

The first dance.

I really liked this couple. They are so much fun.

I really love wedding photography especially when I can capture the best moments of their day.


Megan and Andy's engagement session at Franklin Park Conservatory

This past Sunday I had a great time with Megan and Andy.  They are getting married June 6 of next year.  We started at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Andy was a little hesitant at first with the engagement session as most guys are.  As I warmed up to them they found that it was more fun than they expected.  With all my engagement sessions I try to get the couple talking to each other and making them laugh. I like to place them in a location and get them to flirt and interact with each other not looking at the camera. This is great for more natural smiles and make the couple feel more comfortable. A lot of communication is done with the eyes. Once you see an engaged couple look at each other you can see their love for each other and that is what I love to capture. 

I like to have engagement sessions in the Franklin Park Conservatory because it is always colorful and the sun light hits certain parts of the floor highlighting the engaged couple. 

I love these moments when you can see the twinkle in their eyes.

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

So cute.

I don't know if this dome was new but when I saw it a had to use it.

Another thing I like about shooting engagement sessions at the Franklin Park Conservatory is that I almost always find something I have not seen before.

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

Little twinkle in her eyes.

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

We went out side to have a little fun.

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

I love shooting under the lattice. Nice white light surrounding them. 

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

Love and art work so well with each other.

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

Penn State Vs. OSU who will win?

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Engagement Session

A wonderful sunset on Nationwide Blvd.

I love evening engagement sessions. It just really completes the day. 

I really like this couple.  Megan just puts her feet up and gives me some nice style.

Nationwide Blvd Enagement Session

I love to have the lamp post lighting them.  Having it black and white just make this so timeless it's great.

I am going to have so much fun photographing their wedding.  I can't wait.

Nationwide Blvd Enagement Session



I had a blast at King's Island Halloween Haunt

I got to hang out with Jenna, Matt and Lisa.  We all had a great time riding a handful of roller coasters and getting chased by chainsaws after dark. I like King's Island because it is close to Columbus.  I think I enjoyed Cedar Point last year a little more because they had more people in costume in the streets of the park.  Regardless it was a lot of fun at King's Island.
I also got to photograph an engagement session today and I will be posting them on Monday evening.  Here are some photos from King's Island I got from my iPhone. 

Jenna and I enter the park as a skeleton waves to us in the background.

Here is Matt, Lisa and I waiting in line for bumper cars.  Yes even at 27 I still enjoy bumper cars. 

This is me suck in traffic on 315 in Columbus. I should have taken I-71. 

- Jenna says I am such a dork for this comment.

1/3 the scale of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Kind of cool.

The spooky fog just rolled in on a coaster being built. 

This is the coaster to nowhere.  'Not to confused with that bridge in Alaska I keep hearing about'. 

ZOMBIES found? 

I love using my iPhone camera to do different tricks, pushing it to the limits. 

I got bitten or bored in line and turned in to a zombie.

This giant skull was chasing me out of the park. Just a little bit creepy.  ;)

Thanks for viewing. 



Going to King's Island Today

I am going to King's Island today to see if I can get scared.  Previous years I have been to Cedar Point Halloweekends and that was a lot of fun with a big group of people.  I just like watching the girls scream over a guy in costume just standing beside them.  It was so much fun.  I think I laughed more tan jumped. I might twitter some photos today so click on the photo link in my twitter feed in the upper right of this page. Have a good weekend!  



Raelene and Tom's wedding Video

Here is Raelene and Tom's wedding video slide show.


Raelene and Tom's wedding

I had so much fun photographing Raelene and Tom's wedding.  It was nice to shoot an outside wedding.  I have been shooting inside weddings most of this year I am very glad the weather cooperated.  They had their wedding at the Taylor Mansion on Broad Street in Columbus Ohio.  I loved all the nice decorations from the flowers in the pool of the fountain to the lighting of the reception in the back of the Taylor Mansion. It was so nice to be a part of their special day. 


Tom and his groomsmen decided to go golfing in the morning so I decided to photograph 'his getting ready shots' 

Tom tees off on the 8th hole at the Little Turtle Country Club in Westerville, Ohio.

Raelene looks at her self in the mirror at the Changes Salon located at 2054 Polaris Parkway 43240.

Raelene gets the finishing touches to her makeup at the Hyatt downtown Columbus.

Super colorful flowers.  These flowers look the best in the fall. Nice and rich yellows and reds. Beautiful! 

Love this photo of her looking in the mirror.

The bridesmaids looking over the reception area.

Raelene smiles at Tom for the first time that day.

Colorful flowers float in the fountain. 

The Kiss


This kid can dance! He was almost airborne half the time.  

This guy can sing Meatloaf like no other.

You just had to be there.

The Taylor Mansion lit up at night with Tom and Raelene sharing the happiest day of their life. 





My Birthday!

My birthday was yesterday and Jenna surprised me with a cookie cake. She forgot to tell them not to use pink icing but it all tastes the same.   I have now been around the sun 27 times.