Entries from February 1, 2009 - February 28, 2009


Jenna and Brian Go Out West

Jenna and I had so much fun in San Francisco. This was Jenna's first time in California so I knew I had to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Warf with the sea lions, China Town, Golden Gate Park with the Japanese Tea Garden, the Apple Store, Lombard Street, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We had so much fun, I want to try to network with a few people in San Francisco to photograph a wedding there. I just think all the architecture and endless portrait locations would look awesome in my portfolio.

We flew to Las Vegas for WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention. This show covered all the new styles of albums, camera gear and had some great guest speakers.

I will be putting together the video later this week.



Golden Gate Bridge and Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here are some pictures of us by the Golden Gate Bridge. It was raining and very cold!!! We walked out on the bridge and the wind was blowing the rain all over us. Our umbrella almost flipped inside out a million times!!! We walked to the first tower and the sight was amazing through the rain and fog. I was completely soaked through four layers of clothes but it was worth it!!!

Jenna had some fun holding up the bridge.

We enjoyed viewing all of the local sea life at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Above are sardines and below are the beautiful jellyfish.

Thanks for viewing.

Brian Kellogg


Lombard Street and Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco

Jenna and I had another fun day in San Francisco. We went to Lombard Street the other day and made a short video showing off the eight sharp turns making it the "crookedest" street in the world.

Jenna and I make a quick blog video at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco.

I love making fun videos with iMovie 09' Thanks for watching!!



Wedding Photographer in San Francisco

Jenna and I landed in San Francisco and we are staying at my brother David’s place in Cupertino (home of the Apple). Jenna and I went in to San Francisco and covered a lot of ground. We went to China Town and bought a few cool items. Then we went to Fisherman’s Warf and got to see the sea loins and had some clam chowder in a San Francisco sourdough bread bowl from Boudin. We also visited the Virgin mega store and
I was happy to do a quick video in front of the Apple store!

I will try to make a few more blog posts while I am on the road.


Ohio University Vs. Eastern Michigan

I had a great time this weekend meeting with clients in Athens and shooting the Ohio University basketball game at the Convocation Center. The game was alright and I got a great photo of the coach in the second half. You can see some of the photos here.

The Bobcat tries to pep up the O'zone as the game is getting started.

After the game, my fiancée Jenna requested a burrito from Burrito Buggy. Being the nice guy I am I made a special trip to Burrito Buggy and brought it home to Columbus for her!



Columbus Ohio Engagement Photographer Books

I wanted to put some more material online for future clients to see. I love my engagement books. They are great for showing friends and family right after the engagement session. Here is an example of one of the 20 page books that come with all of my packages.

This book shows a night session I had with Brian and Courtney on Nationwide Blvd.


iLife and Airprt Express

I went to the Apple Store yesterday and picked up iLife '09 and Airport Express. One of the best purchases this year. I needed a new wireless system because my last wireless router died. I have gone through so many routers in my life that just stop working. I have tried D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear. All of them have either quit working or have been unreliable. Many reviews of the wireless routers from Apple (the Airport Extreme or the Airport Express) say that they have had no problems after 5 years of use. I am so glad that this will be the last wireless router I need to buy.

I love the new iLife '09. I made a short movie with the new transitions and themes in iMovie. It was really cool to see a red line being drawn across the earth from start to destination, like in the Indiana Jones movies. Here is a link to see an example of the travel transition.   

It will be nice to use this when I make a movie about my trip to California and Las Vegas this month.

The new iPhoto is pretty cool with the face detection and easy buttons for uploading to Facebook. When other people tag someone you don't know in your photo on Facebook it automatically syncs with your iPhoto to tag them. Also iPhoto came out with 'places' so if your photos were shot with a camera with GPS it is geo-taged to a place. It is so amazing to see all the photos with the iPhone. Here is a snap shot of the 'places' map showing the photos I have taken at different locations with the iPhone. All I had to do is import the photos on the computer with one click and it did all of this.

All I have to do is click on a pin and it shows me all of the photos I took in that location.


Apple is so ahead of the game with all of their technology it is absolutely amazing.




Skiing at Wisp

I went to Wisp Ski Resort last week in Maryland for two days. I think it is the closest decent skiing from Columbus. It only took four hours to get there and it has a 700 foot vertical drop. I can't ski in Ohio because the trails are so small. I think the highest ski resort is only 300 feet tall. West Virginia has a 1,000 foot drop and out west it goes up to 4,000 feet. The lodge was nice enough to upgrade Matt and I to the presidential suite for no extra cost. I learned that my skis are way out of date. All of the rental skis are better than mine now. I also found out that everyone wares helmets now. The popularity of helmets started out west and came to east coast more recently. Two years ago only 10% of people whore helmets now 90% of people are wearing helmets. The helmets are nice and insulated with vent sleeves that can be opened and closed. I think I am going to get a helmet at the end of the ski season in March at Aspen Ski and Board. I might also get a pair of skis also because everything is on sale then. Here are a few photos of Matt and I on the mountain.

This is me about to go down the run Squirrel Cage.

This is Matt on the edge of a cliff....not really.

Here we are after the first day of skiing at the lodge relaxing. Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos.

This is looking up the slope from the lodge with a snowmobile going past.

Looking up the slope from the lodge with a snowmobile going past.
Wisp is pretty nice place to ski for intermediate skiers. It might be more difficult for beginners to start here because of the incline at the base of the mountain. We were lucky enough to get four inches of snow overnight for our second day of skiing. Wisp gets about 100 inches annually according to their brochures. I highly recommend going there if you are in Columbus or eastern Ohio. I had a lot of fun and I hope to go out west skiing in a few months also. I'll keep everyone posted.