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My new cat

Here is a photo of my new cat named Kiwi taken with my iPhone.

Isn't she adorable.  I even got a nice catch light in her eye.


Getting ready for another wonderful wedding

Another great couple is getting married this weekend. Courtney and Brian are getting married at Mt. Vernon and I am happy I am going to be photographing their wedding.  Also finishing up two weddings this week to put online.  I thought I was going to be totally exhausted after doing two weddings in a row on Friday and Saturday.  To my surprise I had a great time with everyone both days. Both bridal parties were a lot of fun to work with and hang out.  The baseball field shoots that I took in Athens turned out great and using the archway off of Nationwide Blvd in Columbus was a lot of fun.  Both brides were having the time of their lives and really enjoying the moment.  I really can wait for their reaction when they see all the photos online.  I really do love being a wedding photographer. 

Brian Kellogg


Columbus Bridal Expo at the Aladdin Shrine Center

Kellogg Photography will be attending the Columbus Bridal Expo on August 24th from 12 to 5pm. This will be at the Aladdin Shrine Center at 3850 Stelzer Road, Columbus in the Easton Towne Center Area. This will be a great time to see our work and ask any questions you might have. This show is dedicated to brides that want to view wedding vendors for their winter wedding or 2009 wedding. Please visit my website www.briankellogg.com for contact information.


Megan and Avi's wedding photo slideshow

I just finished Megan and Avi's wedding slide show.  I love photographing weddings, it is sooo much fun for me. I can't wait for my next wedding.  I really enjoyed photographing two weddings in a row Friday and Saturday.  Both of the bridal parties were so much fun.  Here is the video. Enjoy!!


Here are the rest of the photos from Friday's wedding with Megan and Avi. One great couple, one wonderful wedding.
I wish the best for these two.  You can really see they love each other.

Checking the hair, looking great.

Love this dress.
It looked awesome coming in the church. (see a few images below to see what I am talking about)

The shoes.  I am glad I captured them in good light.  I think Megan will love this shot.

   So elegant, I could not have asked for a better bride.

Loved the light surrounding her from the outside.
This is why I love weddings. Capturing that one moment of joy in the best light.
 The swords were great. Again love the moments.

There was no password to pass, just a loving kiss.

These girls were a lot of fun to work with.

And so were the guys...

They had to kill the cake before they could eat it.


Erin and Dennis's wedding photo slideshow

Athens Ohio wedding photography. 




I like finding new places to photograph portraits and have fun with it.  We gained access to the Ohio University Baseball Field and had great time doing some baseball card portraits.

They just like to walk around like they own the place.


Back at the OU Inn the girls are having fun too.

A kiss for good luck. 
She did not need it, he already fell for her.

After your wedding ceremony you just want to relax.

Loved the length of Erin's veil.

O.U. (Ohio University)


He just swept her of her feet.
Another great couple.


Holly and Sean engagement photo session

I had a great time with Holly and Sean. I took them to the Franklin Park Conservatory at night to photograph part of their engagement session. We also traveled downtown around Nationwide Blvd. They are a great couple and I know it will be a fun wedding. Here are just a sample of their engagement session...

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

I love the lighting with the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

Franklin Park Conservatory Enagement Session

I can't wait for their wedding.  I really like working with them. 



My Website is up and Running

www.briankellogg.com is up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience that might have caused.

Here is a screen shot of the site.

I have added music by Nacho Sotomayor, titled Es vedrá. Here is his CD http://www.amazon.com/Roca-Vol-1-Nacho-Sotomayor/dp/B00004Y9YX

Tell me what you think. I would love to have everyone comment. Thank you.


Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog.  I have transferred all of my old posts to here from my previous blog. I hope everyone enjoys it. 

Thank you for viewing. 



Transferring my domain name

Hi everyone,
I am transferring my domain (briankellogg.com) so the site will be down for a few days. You can still view my older site www.kelloggphotography.net if you would like.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are trying to view www.briankellogg.com/weddings the temporary site is www.kelloggphotography.net/weddings