Athens Ohio Wedding Photography - Amanda and Brandon
Monday, May 12, 2008 at 1:29AM
Brian Kellogg in Athens Ohio Wedding, Athens Ohio Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photos, Wedding Video


Photographed the wedding band and his ring at Raphael's the hair salon in Athens, Ohio.

Nothing like a little champagne at the hair salon to celebrate.

Love using window light when I can.
I just wanted to make a quick portrait when they are getting ready.



I love this shot.



Getting ready before going upstairs to get married.



Peeking in on the ceremony.



Beautiful couple.



On the Ohio University College Green.






A gift for me?



How did they know this was my favorite? (I love buckeyes.)


How cute is this? You can not make up moments like this.
This is why I love being a wedding photographer.


Beautiful moments make a wedding complete.


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